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      Motorcycle Chain

      Motorcycle Chain

      QINGDAO CHOHO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. is one of the biggest motorcycle chains and sprockets manufacturers in the world, Asia high-quality agriculture chains manufacturer and Chinese military engine chain supplier.  Company’s Technology level and turnover are forefront in the fields of engine chain, motorcycle transmission chain, agriculture chain and so on.  Company’s own brand ”CHOHO” is awarded as “China Famous Trademark”, and is popular both in domestic and international market. In Qingdao, China and Thailand, CHOHO has advanced production bases and world-class production equipment, which effectively guarantee the improvement of product quality and excellent efficiency. The huge and flexible processing capacity ensures a continuous supply of personalized products to different clients worldwide.
      Supporting Manufacturers:
      Motorcycle Chain Technology character
      1. O/X-ring seals the outlet of lubrication oil
      2. CrvTreated Pin. Anti-wearing、Anti-high tempreture、Anti-corruption
      3. Solid Bush.Achieve complete contact between the pin and the bush.
      4. Vacuum Oiling. Through the vacuum pump, each aperture of parts is filled with wear-resistant grease and the chain life is extended by 30%.
      5. High Adhesion Grease. Racing grade white grease,high adhesion, wear resistance, noise reduction,high temperature resistance, suitable for high speed movement over 250km/h