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                Special Chains

                Cement Chains

                1. O/X-ring seals the outlet of lubrication oil
                2. Sintered Bushing. special sintered material, which can meet the customers' demand for free oiling and long service life
                3. α-PIN. Anti-wearing、Anti-high tempreture、Anti-corruption
                4. Solid Bush. using cold extrusion technology to shape, seamless cylinder, roundness greatly improved, not easy to deformation.
                5. Strong Pre-tensioning. improve anti-fatigue strength.
                6. Shot Blasting. Can significantly improve the apparent fatigue life and prevent the microcracks in the chain plates.
                7. Vacuum Oiling. each aperture of parts is filled with wear-resistant grease and the chain life is extended by 30%
                Application area:
                  Cement Industry

                Product presentation: