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      Industrial Chain

      Industrial Chain

      CHOHO has become the national recognized enterprise technology center, national technology innovation demonstration enterprises and national high-tech enterprises,It has become the industry leader In industrial automation chain drive system, engine chain system, vehicle chain and other fields.By 2019, CHOHO provide OEM service for KESC,SIASUN, SiWUN, Haier, ZTO. In Agricultural Industry, CHOHO cooperates with CLAAS, LOVOL, AGCO, JOHN DEERE, JINDAFEGN,WORLD,JUMING and etc. , more than 40 OEM customers; In industry area, CHOHO is supplying to KSEC, SIASUN, MESNAC,AVIC,XINSOURCE and etc..

      Application Industry:
      Material Handing Equipment、Auto Industry、Food and Beverage、Lifting and Stacking、Appliance Industry、Wood Processing、Parking System、AGV mobile robot、Vessel Chains、Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine、Breeding Industry、Glove Making、Snow Mobile、Agriculutrual Equipment、Fruit Sorting、Cement Industry
      Industrial Chain Technology character
      1. O/X-ring seals the outlet of lubrication oil
      2. Sintered Bushing. special sintered material, which can meet the customers' demand for free oiling and long service life
      3. α-PIN. Anti-wearing、Anti-high tempreture、Anti-corruption
      4. Solid Bush. not easy to deformation.
      5. Strong Pre-tensioning.
      6. Shot Blasting.
      7. Vacuum Oiling